Mindset Experience Summit

AUGUST 15, 16, & 17

Online Event

Unlock a winning mindset with 3 days of FREE mental training sessions from the most elite minds in sports

Oops, the event ended! But you can still get access to ALL the amazing replays!

Welcome to the Mindset Experience Summit!

The Mindset Experience Summit is a 3-day virtual training event for all athletes who are looking to level up their mental game for better performance in sports. Hosted by sports psych "Dr. T" - Arman Taghizadeh, MD. The 100% free training event features the top minds in sports who will teach you:

  • Performance Boosting Techniques of Champions
  • Resilience and Mental Toughness
  • Focus and Concentration Mastery
  • Stress Management and Mindfulness
  • Goal Setting and Motivation
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How does it work? 

  • Register for the event for free with your email address.
  • You'll then receive emails with webinar links to attend each coaches' training event.
  • Show up, learn, take notes, ask the coach questions and level up your mindset.
  • Events are 100% free to attend live. After you register, you'll have the opportunity to buy the VIP Pass which gives you lifetime access to watch the replays whenever and wherever you want.

Who should Attend? 

  • Athletes 
    • all sports
    • all ages
    • all genders
    • all skill levels
  • Parents & Caretakers of athletes
  • Sports Coaches of all ages


Starts August 15, 4pm ET!









Meet the Coaches

Unlock a new mindset with free training sessions from these amazing sports minds.

Victoria Garrick Browne

TED Talk Speaker
D1 Athlete - USC Volleyball
Mental Health Advocate
Founder of the Hidden Opponent

Weds. August 16, 7-8pm EDT

Facing the hidden Opponent: live Q&A

Todd Anderson

Former NFL player
D1 Athlete - MSU football
Creator of Synergy Dryland

Thurs. Aug 17, 4-5pm EDT

From Pillow to Podium: Sleep & Recovery Strategies for Success

Laura Wilkinson

Athlete Performance & Mindset Coach
Olympic & World Champion Diver
Podcast host The Pursuit of Gold
Author & Speaker

Weds. Aug 16, 5:30-6:30pm EDT

Visualization: Unlocking the Champion Within

Katie Hoff Anderson

3X Olympic Medalist, USA Swimming 
8 Time World Champion
Author of The Blueprint
Creator of Synergy Dryland

Thurs. August 17, 5:30-6:30pm EDT

Olympic Standards: 5 Keys to Accomplish the Extraordinary 


Professional lacrosse athlete - Archers LC
D1 Athlete - Penn St. lacrosse
Creator of the Players Academy app

Weds. Aug. 16, 4-5pm EDT

Preparing is Winning

Dr. Shannon Will

Owner of Will Power PT
Winner of Baltimore's Best Physical Therapy
Former NCAA D1 Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Tues. Aug. 15, 7-8pm EDT

Mental Rehabilitation: Fostering peak performance in athletes

Sam Swart

Professional lacrosse athlete
Team USA lacrosse gold medalist
2 sport D1 athlete - Syracuse lacrosse / field hockey

Thurs. August 17, 7-8pm EDT

Choosing a Mindset of No Regrets

SOul Cole

NFL Legend
Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Mental Performance Coach
Certified Breath Coach

Tues. Aug. 15, 4-5pm EDT

My Journey To Mindfulness & Beyond

Johnny Martin

Director Graduate Support
University of Health and Performance
Mental Performance Coach

Tues. Aug. 15, 5:30-6:30pm EDT

Perfect Plan, Major Fail. Now What?

Who is this for?

If any of these sound like you, this virtual summit is meant for you:

  • Athletes looking for that extra edge in competition.  
  • Sports Parents wondering how to help their kid with the mental side of the game
  • Athletic Coaches interested in giving their team an extra advantage with mental toughness lessons

Where can I watch the replays?

VIP Pass

After you register for the Mindset Experience Summit, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the VIP Pass for access to all the replays from the event.

You'll get lifetime access to watch and re-watch the coaching sessions whenever and wherever you want. Download them and take them on the go! 

Lots of athletes, coaches, and athlete's Moms/Dads tell me they re-watch certain training sessions right before big games or tryouts to get into the right mindset for a great performance on the field! 

Best value you'll ever find for elite sports mindset training!

What are folks saying about Dr. T? 

Matt Stover

“Dr. T has been an amazing resource for my family. His medical degree, psychiatric specialty and NCAA Division 1 wrestling experience gives him a unique skill set and perspective. He has directly impacted my kids, a Division 1 Lacrosse All American and an elite golfer respectively, by integrating specific tools into their practice to be successful athletes and students. We are grateful for his time and commitment.”

Matt Stover

2x Super Bowl Champion, Baltimore Ravens Ring of Honor, NFL 1990-2009

"Dr. Taghizadeh has been an incredible resource for my program this season and a true joy to work with. He creates thoughtful and unique programs for each of the teams he works with, is always available for his players and coaches, and has a true passion for helping athletes on and away from the athletic arena.  Dr. T not only improved our team’s mental and emotional preparation for games and practices, but emphasized the importance of a positive mindset, facing hardships head on, and having fun both individually and collectively. Our staff and players have thoroughly enjoyed having Dr. T as a part of our program and we look forward to continuing to have him as an Eagle for years to come."

Taylor Cummings

3X Gold Medalist Team USA, 2X NCAA Champion, 3X Tewaaraton Winner, 4X 1st Team All-American

Taylor Cummings
Juan Dixon

“Dr. T has become an irreplaceable member of and asset to the Coppin State Men’s Basketball Program. His understanding of today’s student-athlete and the challenges that they face has allowed him to connect on a personal level with each of our young men. Dr. T’s impact has been felt on a team-wide level with our culture and daily approach, as well as with specific individuals, guiding them through the mental obstacles that can hinder performance. We believe that Dr. T’s implementation of intentional mental practice, as well as his overall presence with the program, has given us a distinct edge over many Division I programs. We are extremely grateful for his efforts with our young men.”

Juan Dixon

Head Coach CSU MBB, NBA 2002-2009, NCAA Champion 2002, MVP Final Four 2002

“An athlete can prepare physically and be 'one of the best' but until 100% is given to mental preparedness, you can't be YOUR best. Dr. Tag has worked with my son for two years, focusing on him finding his best, consistently and with intentional results. My son went from having an inner self-doubt to seeing amazing results. Dr. Tag reinforced the strengths that were already there but found a believer in my son, an athlete who was capable of demonstrating a far greater success.”

Christie Flynn, son of Cooper Flynn

2023 USA Wrestling U23 World Team member, U23 National Champion, 2019-20 Maryland Wrestler of the Year, 2020 National Prep Champion, 2020 Super 32 Champion, 3X Fargo AA, 2x MIAA Champion

Cooper Flynn

Mindset Experience Summit Sponsors

Introducing the sponsors for this Summit! These companies have hooked it up! Support these brands because they support the sports community. 

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Learn from the absolute best Minds in sports!

The Mindset Experience Summit is an online educational event for athletes of all sports, their parents, and coaches to educate you on what it to develop a rock solid mindset for better and more consistent performance in your sport! 

Each coach will present on a different topic all designed with 1 thing in mind. Make you a better athlete by leveling up your mental game and mindset. 

Over the course of 3 you will:

  • Learn the Performance Boosting Techniques of Champions
  • Get mindsets for Resilience and Mental Toughness
  • Understand how to develop better focus
  • Tap into effective Stress Management and Mindfulness tools
  • Plus so much more...

I'm pumped to present all of these amazing mindset coaches to you over the course of 3 magical days.

100% Online and 100% Free.

Meet the Host - Dr. T


The Mindset Experience Summit is hosted by Arman Taghizadeh, MD (Dr. T), founder of the Mindset Training Institute, 2023 TEDx speaker, and host of the Mindset Experience podcast. 

As a former NCAA division 1 wrestler, Dr. T has personally experienced the importance of mindset and mental toughness in developing the work ethic needed to handle setbacks and achieve a high level of success in sports. 

Given his medical and psychiatric education, combined with his athletic and personal experiences, Dr. T has the unique ability and skill set to connect with and train elite athletes to ensure they have the mindset and tools necessary for success. He also provides education to parents, coaches and sports medicine professionals to better understand and support athletes to consistently perform at the highest level.

We hope you can join Dr. T and the top athletes in sports for this amazing mindset training event!



What age group is this for?

The Mindset Experience Summit is meant for athletes of all ages. Some of the more advanced topics will be better suited for high school age athletes and up.


Both. You'll notice a mix of male and female coaches. But the truth is all sessions are meant for athletes of all genders. 

Are Replays / Recordings of the Coaching sessions available? 

Yes. The sessions are 100% free to attend live. Once you register you'll have the opportunity to purchase the VIP Pass which gives you lifetime access to replays from the Mindset Experience Summit.

I can't Attend some of the sessions. Should I still sign Up?

Yes. Come to one session or come to them all, choice is yours. But definitely sign up. Don't miss this amazing sports mindset training opportunity. 


Check the schedule on the page. Times will be 4-5pm ET, 5:30-6:30pm ET, and 7-8pm ET on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  


Once you register for the Mindset Experience Summit you will receive automated emails with Zoom links to join each session. Simply click on the link to join the webinar. Opt out at anytime if not interested. 

how long does each session last?

1 hour per session is the plan. My guidance to the coaches is plan on 40-45 min presentation and then 10-15 min Q&A. That said, if a coach runs overtime I'm not going to cut anyone off. So some sessions may run long if there's a lot of questions.

Can I sponsor the Mindset Experience Summit?

Shoot us an email.


Shoot us an email.

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